On this page you'll find some great wallpaper images, most of which are science related. All are 800x600 unless otherwise noted. I'll try to update the page at least weekly! For those who are new to saving wallpaper, simply click on the image name, then right click on the photo and select "save as wallpaper". If you're using a Mac ... uh, well ... you're on your own! Have fun!

Andromeda Galaxy - Two million light-years from earth, the Andromeda Galaxy is the most distant object that is easily visible to the unaided eye.

Bear Mountain - Taken at Disney's California Adventure, this is a beautiful shot of Bear Mountain and the Grizzly Rapids ride.

Corvette Dreamin' - This is a surreal pic of a 2000 Corvette on Mount Everest. Very Cool!

Galaxy - Known as the "Sombrero Galaxy", this image will blow away your old "stars" screensaver!

Helios This ultra-high flier (100,000 feet!) makes a much better wallpaper than the usual MS clouds!

International Space Station - An early shot of the International Space Station

International Space Station 2 - Majestic and graceful, the ISS orbits the earth after the truss and "train track" was added, 4/02

Last Apollo - This is a fabulous shot, taken at dusk, of Apollo 17 (the final Apollo mission) awaiting it's night launch.

Launch Pad - The Space Shuttle Columbia, sitting on the launch pad at night (prior to the first shuttle mission).

M74 - An awesome image of Galaxy M74 (Spiral), viewed face-on.

Man on the Moon - An image of a moonwalker during the Apollo 17 mission.

Man on the Moon 2 - Another image of a moonwalker during the Apollo 17 mission.

Mars - This picture is a compilation of 200 million readings taken from the Mars Global Surveyor. You can make out details such as Valles Marineris, a canyon much longer and deeper than the Grand Canyon, and the Hellas Planitia, a basin over 2000 kilometers wide that was likely created by a collision with an asteroid.

Meteors - Fantastic picture of a Leonid meteor shower!

Moon Over Seattle - This picture is a time-lapse sequence of the moon rising over Seattle, Washington at night. The final frame was over-exposed, which results in a brilliant moon reflecting off the bay!

Nebula - The Carina Nebula, also known as the Keyhole Nebula and NGC 3372, results from dying star Eta Carinae's violently casting off dust and gas during its final centuries.

New Solar System - A spectacular rendering of a newly formed solar system.

Other World - A beautiful rendering of what it would like like to view a Jupiter-like planet from one of it's moons.

Shuttle Launch - The Space Shuttle takes off on a mission to the International Space Station.

Sunspot - The highest resolution picture of a sunspot ever recorded!